Server Information

Official server information
Opening 29/9
Version: S12 Ep1
Normal Exp: x40
Master Exp: x15
Party Exp No Bonus: 100 90 90 90 90
Party Exp Bonus: 120 130 140
Limit Account: Normal server will be unlimited. Event Server will have max 2 accounts (No mules for ruud)
All characters are created level 1.
All characters start with Pets Seals and Buffs x 5 Days.
Server PvP will have 25% extra exp than NoPVP
There will be ingame system to earn GP (Killing certain mobs)
Votes will gain GP 
GP shop will sell all Exp buffs.(The same as WCoin Shop)
Gens quest is set to x5.
Land of trial will drop Talisman of Chaos Aseembly / and Luck and elemental talisman too.
All muuns are active with x20 bonus in level 4.
Ruud System:
Blood Castle:
All chars get minor box
Destroy gate and win standard box
Destroy statue and win Greater Box
Devil Square:
Standard Box 
Win to obtain Greater Box
Win to get Greater box.

Posted01 / 10 / 2017ByVengance

Currently this is only one server.